IoTeX: How To create a full testnet node


Hello everyone, last week developers team publicated IoTeX testnet, it is an IoT centred blockchain.

Unlike other blockchains, a full node IoTeX can be install into lowenergy devices (raspberry). Now its database is 1.6 GB large

This guide help you to deploy a testnet node


The iotex-core is packaged into a docker image. So you must have docker into your 64bit system.

Official installation guide links:

After that you must install docker compose tool


I create a github repository to deploy a full node quickly.

Below a sequence of commands:
  1. repository download
    • git
      • git clone
    • zip
  2. copy the file config.template.yml into config.yml
  3. edit the file config.yml. You must put your public IP
  4. execute start command
    • docker-compose up -d
Use follow command to show the application log

docker logs iotext_iotex-core_1

(log example)


In addition to iotex-core software i put another official software: iotex-explorer

To open your iotex-explorer, open your preferite browser to address

 http://PUBLIC IP ADDRESS:4004/

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