Hyperledger composer - Try it using bluemix


I talk about hyperledger into my old post. Now we try to develop into it using IBM Bluemix online tool


Open your browser and go to https://composer-playground.mybluemix.net

Into main window there is a dashboard with one example prototype project called "basic-sample-network"

Click to "Get Started" link to open editor page

The editor's page has a left bar with our blockchain files and a right area to edit data.

Now we can easily edit the example project!

Into left bar there are:
  • a model file (models/sample.cto) cointains all my objects
  • a script file (lib/sample.js) cointains my business logic
  • an ACL file (permissions.acl) cointains all access rules
Let's go... edit the files to simulate a financial blockchain!!!

First file is the model file that cointains all my DTOs

In the bottom i have a message "Everything looks good!", so my file is correct but into left bar i have some error because i don't edit other files yet!

Now i will edit the business logic file (lib/sample.js)

Last step is edit the ACL file to manage read / write permissions (permissions.acl)

If i don't have any errors, the button "Deploy changes" will be enable. Click it to deploy changes


The test phase into blockchain technologies is always a very hard task. With Hyperledger compose i can test my business logic easily than other technologies.

This is main test window

Using Create New Partecipant button i can create any object into my private blockchain and using Submit Transaction i can create a transaction!

Try it... is very easy!!!! 

Example files are into my github repo


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